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We now have 3 high powered Ergoline laydown sunbeds, all of which have recently been re-tubed, plus also two Stand up Sunbeds too. 

All of our sunbeds have air conditioning, plus each one in their own spacious rooms. Goggles and tissues are provided, along with a choice of head rests for the laydown beds. Each bed is cleaned between clients, and deep clean daily.

We have our beds serviced every 6 months, so you can be confident your safety and pleasure is our priority.

Stand Up Sunbeds

Our vertical sunbeds leaves nothing to be desired. An excellent body cooling system in combination with the Cool Breeze Unit provides superior comfort. The separate tube cooling ensures that the tubes perform to perfection. These powerful two metre reflector tubes are situated close together to guarantee even and rapid full body tanning. They are fitted with 50 powerful 200W tubes, which are all 0.3 W/m2 to comply with new legislation, making your tanning experience safer and more enjoyable.

Lay Down Sunbeds

We recently had these new Ergoline 500 turbo classic laydown sunbeds installed. They offer a relaxing tanning experience, due to their cooling extraction system. They have 44 0.3 compliant 160w tubes, 5 shoulder tanners, and 4 high pressure facial tanners. These beds are in a league of their own, and offer the ultimate tanning experience.

Single Sessions;
6 Mins; £3.00
9 Mins; £3.50
12 Mins; £4.00
15 Mins; £4.50

 50 Mins; £15.00
100 Mins; £25.00
150 Mins; £35.00
200 Mins; £45.00

PLEASE NOTE; All course minutes must be used within 3 months, or they become invalid.

Weekly; £15.00
This is for upto 15 mins tanning time every day (excludes Sundays, as we are closed)
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