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Vibroplates       (Available Now in Our Ladies Only Gym Upstairs )

The FatLoss Pro Vibration Plate is the highest specification oscillating trainer in its class. As the FatLoss Pro Vibration Plates move up and down, they also vibrate in a way specifically designed to stimulate the muscles to react. As this happens the body tries to stabilise itself by contracting the muscles at the same speed as the plate is oscillating, causing them to work very fast and hard.

The initial concept was developed by Russian space scientists back in the 1970’s, looking for a way to overcome muscle wastage and bone degeneration in cosmonauts by using a vibration exercise machine. As the trials progressed, vibration training was found to influence the body in many other ways. EXERCISE TIME IS GREATLY REDUCED due to highly intensified training caused by involuntary muscle contractions as the body interacts with theFatLoss Pro Vibration Plate.

The FatLoss Pro Vibration Plate is set up to run for 10 minutes, which is the optimum time for a vibration workout, which is equivalent to a gruelling 1 hour work out at a gym!

The revolutionary technology of Whole Body Vibration training is not only backed by science, it is used by professionals throughout the world in areas such as sports, healthcare, universities, fitness and training. Also many celebrities are making huge gains in relatively short amounts of time. Whole body vibration exercise actually works your muscles from the inside out. The vibrations move throughout the body, in an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate the muscles. This causes them to contract and relax as they would under normal physical activity, but much faster.

Vibration training is suitable for anyone and everyone - the benefits are the same whether you are super fit or a novice to exercise.

Please note, weekly and monthly courses are for 10 minutes per day, if you miss days they will not be replaced. 

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