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Universal Contour Wraps

This wrap is the scientifically proven inch loss treatment from Universal Contour Wrap that guarantees you’ll lose at least 6 inches in just 3 hours, making it the perfect solution when you have to look your best for that special occasion.


The 6 inch loss is also guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days so you can be confident of looking great long after leaving the salon. This may sound too good to be true but with average losses of 10-14 inches from just one treatment, UCW Classic is the inch loss treatment you can trust.

But our wraps don't just deliver exceptional inch loss; the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques the therapists use, also tighten and tone your body while exfoliating and cleansing the skin so you will not only look great, you’ll feel fabulous too, after just one treatment.

So whether you’re looking to kick-start a slimming plan or target a few stubborn inches you can rely on Universal Contour Wrap to deliver instant results that will keep friends and family wondering how you do it.

It is even safe to be wrapped if you have just had a baby, as long as you wait at least six weeks after a normal delivery and take your doctor's advice after a Caesarean, UCW Classic is perfectly safe and is excellent for firming up the stomach and bust areas and softening stretch marks after pregnancy. It is perfectly safe to have a UCW Classic wrap whilst breast feeding. If warm, wet bandages are placed over the breast it will in fact encourage the milk flow slightly, but the special formulation of Classic Clay solution cannot damage breast milk in any way. If however you are very sensitive in that area you could choose to not be wrapped in this area, or you could ask the therapist to wrap the bandages less tightly. If this decision is made, we would not be able to offer the 6” guarantee, but it will not affect your overall results in other areas of the body.

Unfortunately you cannot have UCW Classic whilst pregnant though.

Unlike other inch loss treatments, UCW Classic doesn’t rely on dehydration to achieve its remarkable inch loss. In fact you’re encouraged to drink plenty of water after your treatment to continue the detox process and help you lose further inches after you’ve left the salon.

To achieve maximum inch-loss from Universal Contour Wrap Classic a course of three treatments is recommended and should be taken 7-10 days apart. Inch-loss is cumulative and the average loss over the full course is 20-25 inches. The initial 6 inch loss is guaranteed to last for 30 days providing you do not put on additional weight in that time, and providing the after care instructions are followed. Results can last for much longer depending on your lifestyle. And you can achieve even greater inch loss by having further wraps. A course of three treatments is recommended in order to achieve maximum inch loss. Your lifestyle will very much depict when, if ever the inches will creep back on. For some people who lead fairly active, healthy lives the inches may never re-appear. In fact, a single UCW Classic treatment can offer such a boost in morale for people that they start to lead a healthier, active life straight away.

The universal contour wrap works as toxins rather than fat are removed during the treatment process, any weight loss will be negligible. UCW Classic is the guaranteed inch loss treatment that shapes and tones your body so although you don’t lose weight you can still drop a complete dress size after having 3 treatments. The universal contour wrap is a powerful detox treatment, and so it is important to drink plenty of water for several days after the treatment. If you continue to drink tea, coffee and fizzy drinks throughout your “normal” day you may find that after the toxins and impurities have been withdrawn that you may have a slight headache. If you follow our aftercare instructions and drink plenty of STILL water after your treatment and limit the intake of caffine and fatty foods there is little chance of this

At Urban Oasis, we can personally say our smallest loss has been 6.5", and our greatest 12.5". with an average of 10". This is from all over the body, and obviously not from one area in particular. 

Single treatment; £90.00

Course of 3; £250.00

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