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Clipper Cut (Dry)

Clipper & Scissor Cut (Dry)

Scissor Cut (Dry)

Sprayed Wet Cut

Wash and Blow Dry

Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

Wash, Cut & Curly Blow Dry

Restyle, Wash & Blow Dry

Beard Trim

Beard Shape & Style












Under 10's












Fringe Trim

Create a New Fringe

Add a Cut

Add a Restyle

Finish Straighten

Finish Curl

Conditioning Treatments From

Added Bondsaver

Mini Indian Head Massage

Added Toning Mask

Added Toner













Straighten £13.00

Curls £16.00

Hair Ups From £12.50 per 20 minutes

Sets & Perms

Most clients believe sets are only for the older lady...... this is not the case, they are ideal for most clients. Sets can be used for the traditional style, that is dressed and lasts between washes in short hair. They can also be used to create stronger lasting curls in longer and thicker hair. Many hair ups also involve having your hair curled first, or needing extra volume from the root - again sets are a perfect base for this.

Sets From £17.50

All our perms include Bondsaver, which is an alternative to Olaplex. This is used to counteract the damage perming can cause to the hair. We have a variety of curl sizes available, and if you are unsure your stylist will be able to advise what is best for you. Your stylist will also discuss the best aftercare, and tips to make your new locks last as long as possible. Perms are not advised for clients with damaged or lightened hair.

Perms from £53.00

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