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Spray Tanning 


With a delicate fragrance of Mango and no Parabens, Alcohol or Oils, our spray tan solutions will leave your skin feeling nourished and with a perfect natural looking tan. Our standard tan is available in 6-16%, and will develop within 8 hours. We also offer an express tan in 20%, which is the darkest spray tan we have available, this develops in just 4 hours, and you can custom how dark you want your colour, as to how long you leave the spray tan the develop.

Spray tanning is only available in the Yarmouth salon currently, and is done in a private room that is used only for spray tanning. We have a high quality extraction booth, which helps prevent the room from filling with excess spray tan solution. 

Standard Full Body Spray Tan; £25.00

Standard Half Body Spray Tan; £18.00

Instant Full Body Spray Tan; £28.00

Instant Half Body Spray Tan; £20.00

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