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Colours & Highlights

We offer many different colour and lightening services, and always recommend clients to come in for a free consultation, during which we can do any skin tests required. We would also assess your hair and advise you on the most suitable options to reach the best results. It is always helpful if you have a picture of your desired outcome, although our skilled hairdressers are more than happy to advise what is best for you. We also recommend doing strand tests so you can see realistic results for your hair, as everybody is different, and the history of your hair will determine end results. Once a strand test is complete we will be able to provide a price for your choice of treatments. 

All of our hair services listed below include a full wash and blow dry, using the most suitable shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. Please see the cutting and add-on page for other prices. We do not include cuts, treatments, straightening etc, as its unfair to assume everyone requires the same, therefore you can choose what you want included in your visit, and therefore control cost and time. Each visit is built to your requirements.

We use Matrix colours, and have the full range of natural permanent colours in stock, we also have a large amount of pastel and bright semi colours in stock. Matrix leaves your hair feeling soft and conditioned, while providing great coverage and bold shades.

Half Head Colours From; £31.50

Full Head Colours From; £43.00

Roots & Refresh From; £30.50

We offer a high or a low root shading service, the difference is how much root shading you want to see. This is ideal for clients that already have lighter hair, and want to create darker roots that blend effortlessly into their mid lengths. High root shading provides a maximum of 2-3" of darker roots, while root shading low provides on average 6-8" of darker roots (similar to a reverse ombre).

Root Shading From; £43.00

Our colour melts are available in a choice of 2 or 3 colours, your hair stylist will be able to advise you what is more suitable for your hair thickness and length. Colour melts cover all hair, so for example a 3 colour melt; 1 colour for the root, another for mid lengths, then a 3rd for the ends, these colours are blended together, the results look although the colours have melted down the hair, hence the name.

Colour Melts From; £55.00

Ombre can be colours or lightener, depending on the desired look. Lightening ombre will usually require a toner after, and colours may require pre-lightening. Ombre is a technique used to fully colour the ends of hair, creating either a definitive line, or sometimes blended into the mid lengths.

Ombre From; £48.00

Using a mix of highlighting and freehand application, we can create lighter stands, which will be customised depending on your requirements. Balayage gives a more natural blend, you will not be able to see where the lighter hair starts and the darker ends. Balayage also doesn't completely lighten ends, you will still have some darker hair remaining, with a mix of your new lighter colour going through.

Balayage From; £77.50

We offer an amazing hair detox service, called hair return. This removes product build up, and even some colour build up too. This is a great way to return your hair to its natural colour, although this may take a few treatments, its a much healthier way than using lightener. Your hair will feel fresh and healthy, and as this removes product build up too, it will also leave your hair shining like never before.

Hair Return From; £43.00

With any highlighting service, or colour foils don't forget you can get a full head of colour or root & refresh at half price. (This offer is only valid when colour is applied at the same time as foils, and is not available with other promotions - please ask your hair stylist for further information). Our foils can be used to lighten, darken, or even add bolder colours, prices vary depending on requirements. Your hair stylist will determine the look you want to achieve, and will either weave thin natural strands of hair into the foil, chunkier strands, or for the most impact, slices of hair into the foil.

T-Section From; £50.00

Half Head From; £55.00

Full Head From; £60.00

Back to Back From £74.00

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